Become a Beauty Pro

360 Beauty Professionals know the value of investing in themselves, their well-being, and their financial future. They understand the importance of balance, creativity, and a personal plan. That’s why NaturalGlam360 has simplified what it takes to achieve each individual goal. Just like our ingredients, you’ll know upfront what you’re getting.

Grow Your Circles and Increase Your Income by Becoming a Beauty Pro Sponsor

In the simplest of terms, growing your circles will increase your income. Here’s a quick example:

  • Emma joined NaturalGlam360 as a 360 Beauty Pro and held her first Gala.
  • Madison was one of Emma’s guests. She loved her enthusiasm and wanted to join, so Emma become her sponsor.
  • Hannah was in one of Madison’s online social groups and bought a few products from Madison’s NaturalGlam360 website after she held an online “Virtual” Party and fell in love with them. When she joined, Madison became her sponsor, and Emma began earning part of her sales as well. Now, all three are making money and growing their own circles.